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Project Himroo

History of Himroo
Himroo is a fabric made of cotton and silk which came into the existence in Aurangabad during the 14th century when king Mohammad Tughlaq was ruling. At that time, Muslims don’t have a like to wear silks which leads to the evolution of Himroo - a fabric with a cotton base and silk weaving. The word Himroo is originated from Persian word Hum-ruh which means 'similar’. Himroo fabric is made similar to Kum-khwab, which was woven with pure gold and silver threads.
Legend states that Himroo was the innovation by the Aurangabad craftsmen who had little Persian influence. Himroo weaving is very characteristic and different and it is in demand for its unique style and design . Members of the royal family and an elite few used the famous Aurangabad Himroo.
Reviving the legacy
Himroo which has been reckoned as one of themost premium attires of India back in the 14th century is now appearing sparsely. Can you even believe that there are only a few people left who knew the technique of weaving this time-honored fabric?
To reinstate the legacy of this royal fabric, and to hold it from falling into the extinction list, Director ofHandlooms and Textiles Shailaja Ramaiyer and Proprietor of Mamatha Tulluri’s The Designer Studio, Mamatha Tulluri joined forces on one fine day.
The revival movement has started since then...
The story behind the association
Shailaja Ramaiyer, a 1997 batch IAS officer, garnered a list of people who knew the technique of weaving Himroo.
After which, she sought out for someone; who can guide, oversee and bring the Himroo back with the use of the talent the limited number of weavers own and on the search path she met designer Mamatha Tulluri who has a great fervor for handlooms and craftsman.    
About Mamatha Tulluri
Fascinated by handlooms that exemplifies the richness of simplicity and the elegance of Indian craftsmanship, Mamatha Tulluri started designing handwoven creations and the passion increased by n folds when she realized striving for the progress of the weavers gives her immense pleasure in life.
She traveled across India and interacted with various weaver communities. Interacting with weavers, educating them on buzzing trends and latest weaving techniques and the fashion industry is a significant part of her designer profession.
Mamatha Tulluri stands in full support of the young, next-generation weavers who continue to weave beautiful, unique clothing while facing the immense pressures of job insecurity. As a step ahead she is also helping them with weavers children's health and education.
Mamatha Tulluri started her own label Mamatha Tulluri's, The Designer Studio in 2008 and exerted it as a platform to foster the weavers who are struggling for a better life. As such, she has conducted annual trunk shows and exhibitions in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi and also spread the Indian glory in the USA by conducting events that invigorate the market for
Indian handlooms.
A new face of Himroo
The best would never be going to extinct!
 The world is destined to see a new face of Himroo as the designer Mamatha Tulluri and her newly owned team of weavers are working to relaunch the beautiful Himroo to all walks of life. The works are in progress and the happiness to wear the rich fabric is at the nearest!

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