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The Designer - Mamatha Tulluri

Mamatha Tulluri - The Designer Studio is a household name in ethnic Fashion. We cater to the needs and fashion sense of the most elite clientele – both in India and abroad. We have been serving the cream of domestic and NRI market for more than 15 years.

At the outset, Mamatha Tulluri though a dentist by profession, after graduating from H.K.E.S Dental College in Gulbarga, Karnataka, she slowly shifted indulging into her childhood passion by dabbling in designing. What started as a pleasurable hobby, slowly bloomed into her label 'SHREY' featuring hand block prints in 2005.

With the launch of her eponymous designer label 'Mamatha Tulluri' in 2009, the focus shifted to conceptualizing and reinventing the art of hand embroidery and handloom textiles. Mamatha constantly engages with different weavers and motivates them by using their work in her designs. She has been diligently striving to dispel the erroneous belief that handloom is only limited to traditional cotton materials and spread the awareness that rich fabrics like Banarasi, Kanchi and Paithani are also handlooms as they are woven by hand!

Mamatha also collaborates extensively with master craftsmen across the country to develop new combinations of colors and fabrics that bring a special vivacity to her creations. The 'Saadgi – Simple Is Beautiful' Fashion Show on 8th March, 2017 (International Women's Day) was her attempt to promote different traditional fabrics while paying tribute to the handloom weavers.

When it comes to her designing, Mamatha has always specialized in exquisite bridal wear and trousseau collections for both the brides and grooms. She envisaged the notion of a 'Concept Bride' wherein the bride is not decked up in garish colors but has a simple and elegant persona. The monochrome attire with top quality embroidery and finish is designed to reflect her true personality. This rich handloom bridal collection for men and women was christened as 'Myra' in 2018.

Not many may be aware that Mamatha invests a lot of time and effort in engaging with the bride and groom on a personal level. Her focus is on understanding what they want even as she gently guides them towards a clear and streamlined vision of how they will look on their big day. With Mamatha, it is not about marketing and selling her merchandise, but more about making the clients understand the true value of handloom creations and how they can look elegant and magnificent for the wedding. Brides and grooms walk in to her studio with a jumble of preconceived notions and biases – they walk out delighted with the joy of a brand new outlook!

The Saadgi fashion show felicitated Ms. Suraiya Bose - the Grand Old Lady of Indian Handloom 2018. She was the one who encouraged Mamatha to revive the royal Mughal fabric called Himroo that was once renowned for its unique style and rich design. Drawing inspiration from Suraiya, Mamatha launched the 'Himroo' unit in 2018 to keep this legendary legacy from becoming extinct.

On 31st December, 2018, Mamatha Tulluri initiated 'Idha' – handloom fabrics made with natural dyes in her own dyeing and weaving unit to avoid impinging on the environment. The label was launched with great fanfare on the National Handloom Day, 7th August, 2019. The focus here is on popularizing naturally dyed fabrics among the youth and discouraging use of synthetic materials.

Thereafter, the 'Inaara' Fashion Show was held on 8th December 2019 to showcase the Myra and Idha collections in association with 'I Stand For The Nation'. This was a heartfelt endeavor to support our brave soldiers and honor their sacrifices.

Mamatha is deeply committed to women empowerment. She engages different groups of tribal women and provides extensive training in the traditional art of hand weaving. The expert guidance of master craftsmen slowly transforms them into skilled weavers who become capable of earning their own bread. The women are carefully chosen after assessing their passion and dedication towards learning the crafts. They are paid even during the training period of 3 to 4 months to make them self-sufficient. The beautiful fabrics they create are used in all Mamatha's labels.

Mamatha retails from her studio 'MAMATHA TULLURI'S', 248/3RT, 1st floor, adjacent to Andhra Bank, S.R. Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 038. Ph: 040-66620115, 9849498000

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