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Launch of IDHA

Story on Natural dyes :

The love for clothing and fashion never dies! However, when it comes to choosing different fabrics , like synthetic, do you pause to consider the impact on the environment? Are you aware that these materials can impinge on the quality of oxygen? That’s not all - there are many other silent ill-effects on the surroundings.

We are attempting to leap towards an eco-friendly meter. Are you in for it?

Natural dyes - it's not a new term for sure. But we are undertaking a fresh approach to natural dyes that is not only limited to safeguarding the environment. We are also persevering to spread a deep awareness about the advantages associated with this kind of clothing. It's good for mankind at large if we can bring about even a minuscule improvement in the air we breathe in!

This simple looking fabric is woven with the fiber of eco-friendliness, through the use of natural dyes that are made from leaves and other things easily acquired from nature. To ensure that it is truly an all-natural fabric, we have launched our own dyeing unit in the outskirts of the city. The five members have carefully researched and analyzed the lengthy process of dye-making. They are completely involved in creating these natural dyes and putting them to use.

During this process, it was our good fortune to come across an active and energetic person, Dudyala Shankar, who always carries a smile on his face. Shankar adapted this ancient art from his forefathers and we feel privileged to associate with him in our Idha collection.

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