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Project Gollabama designer saree

Get yourself ready to watch the biggest handwoven Gollabama design on saree ever. Gollabama sarees or popularly known as Siddipet Gollabama sarees got their name for the Gollabama(milkmaid) motifs and these motifs are an inspiration from the charm of the women of the cattle rearing community who carry pots of milk and curd. The Gollabama picture holds a lot of nativities and the beauty of the district made me felt that it deserves to be displayed in a better way and that is where my vision to create the biggest Gollabama saree has started. Majorly, the Gollabama motifs are seen on saree body, border and pallu in different sizes varying from 2 to 8 inches but my love for the very name and fervour to depict the real beauty of Gollabama I have come up with an idea of giant Gollabama with a length of 41 inches and breadth of 18 inches. It took us several weeks to finish this exquisite silhouette to make it look like a real Gollabama. Our Gollabama saree not only astonishes the viewers but encourages various communities of people to have support and encouragement for this ancient art of India that is close to extinction.

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