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Inaara Fashion show

Mamatha Tulluri is a respected name in the designing industry today! She trained to be a dentist but soon realized that her true passion lies in clothing and fashion.Following her inner voice and passion for clothing, she started her fashion designing journey in 2005. Very soon, she launched her designer label, ‘Mamatha Tulluri’ in 2009. Her exquisite and elegant designs on hand-woven materials mesmerize people and motivate them to shift to handloom!

Mamatha soon introduced 'Myra' - an exquisite bridal collection for the modern brides and grooms! It presents a beautiful fusion of fashion, charm and comfort in tune with their self-confidence.

Though ‘Saadgi – Simple Is Beautiful’ Fashion Show, she paid tribute to the handloom weavers. Driven by an innate affinity for handloom, Mamatha fervently promotes different age-old fabrics made by traditional weavers. Show stopper, Isha Koppikar wowed the audience with the trendy twist to the traditional handlooms.

Project Idha :

Moved by the environmental impact, Mamatha launched the ‘IDHA’ collection as a conscious attempt to shift to an eco-friendly meter.  She considers It's a real honour and privilege to associate with natural dye artisan, Dudyala Shankar who adapted this ancient art from his forefathers.

The uniqueness of IDHA,the handloom is made with natural dyes - made in her own dyeing unit.

Project Himroo :

Inspired by the grand old lady of Indian Handlooms - Ms. Suraiya Hassan, Mamatha launched the ‘Himroo’ project aims to revive the legacy of a rich and exclusive fabric that was once favored by the Mughals. Being an ardent champion of women empowerment, Mamatha is striving to support the female Muslim weavers to continue this cultural legacy.

Mamatha Tulluri’s fashion shows are her platform to reinvent the traditional and venerable fabrics before they become extinct and also support and uplift the poor weavers. She will be relaunching the time-honored Himroo cloth very soon!

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