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Want your guests to remember your wedding long after the food, drinks, music and decor has faded from their memories?

Bid them good bye with charming wedding favors as a small token of your appreciation. 
Now finding the right ‘return gift’ becomes distressing when you are already stressed out by all the other more-important wedding preparations. It gets pushed down the list amidst all the other hullabaloo and you may just end up settling for whatever catches your eye at the last minute…..
Mamatha Tulluri – The Designer Studio eases the trouble of planning meaningful favors that are an eloquent gesture of gratitude. The in-house brand ‘Keyura’ offers an eclectic collection of small genuine silver items like delicate diyas, beautiful bowls, embellished pots and more. 
What can be easier than picking the right favors while shopping for your bridal wear itself? 

P.S. The prices are subject to change based on the fluctuations in the silver rates.

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